We’re wet here

Not as wet as further north, or as I gather parts of England are, but wetter than the past couple of years.

This is the entry to the little county park where I often walk CJ.  It always floods in wet years, but this is the highest I’ve ever seen the water there. 

Here’s a little different perspective that shows how high the water is on the sign. Continue Reading »

Winter project 

Decided it might be a good time to paint the other built-in in my dining room.   I mean, should be quick and easy, right?  

Until I got it emptied out and got a closer look.  The back had been wallpapered, then painted. 

 It’s all coming back to me now, why the first one took so long.  
So I started scraping.    
And this morning finished. 

 This is of course only the beginning. Still lots to do before the painting can happen, of course. Prep is always the worst part of a painting project. 

The wedding

It was Saturday, but I want to post these pics anyway.  I have excuses for the delay–Sunday I drove all day, mostly in the rain, to get home; Monday I took the day off to recover; and yesterday I tried to post but WordPress was not cooperating in the uploading of pictures.  Anyway.  Sound and flash were off for all pictures so I was minimally intrusive during the ceremony.

It was lovely. Continue Reading »

A couple of old friends (in both senses of the phrase) are getting married Saturday. I am one of the few privileged non-family-members to be invited, so I left Monday afternoon to head to California.  I am, frankly, getting a little bored with the I-5 corridor, so on Tuesday I left I-5 at Yreka and headed up to Trinity Lake on Highway 3, and did a loop that ultimately came out at Red Bluff.   Continue Reading »


Just a quickie to see how well posting pics to the blog directly from the iPhone works. So far so good . . .


At the take-off point

I’ll sleep somewhere in Canada tonight.  Just where remains to be figured out.

The past few days have been intensely (for me) social Continue Reading »

Officially a good day

My third day out on my second big trip.  It’s been a good day.  Took my inflatable kayak out a couple of times, and now have it back in the van–all without unloading the trike.  Nice to know that can be done–in fact it was easier than I expected.  Had a couple of good conversations with other campers, one of the pleasures of camping, really.  Took CJ for a decent walk, and am now enjoying wine before supper. Which shall be PBJ–easy. Had salmon for lunch.

Doing this post on my phone, which is new for me–hence the telegraphic nature of the prose. So let’s see if I can include a picture.


Yep, that worked, so here’s another.  That white dot is my rig seen from across the little lake where we’re camped



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