Days 5-7

Day 5:  Most of this day was spent driving through the mountains, stopping often just to look and take pictures.  It was soothing to my soul–moountains do something for me that no other landscape–or seascape–does, however beautiful it may be.  Especially the high Rockies. Continue Reading »

Trip inauguration 

Four days on the road so far.  This trip will be about ten weeks, if it goes according to my rather vague plans.  Which are subject to change–indeed, have changed already.

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This is a bit of a trial run to see how my new technology (new iPad, Logitech external keyboard) is going to work for blogging.  In two weeks I’m headed out into my longest roadtrip since the spring of 2014, and I’m hoping the combination will work for posting from the road.

But–the content is actually from a couple of weeks ago, when I met one of my sisters and her husband for three nights of camping.  I was frankly mildly nervous, because I had recommended the campground and I wasn’t sure if it would meet their standards, but as it turned out they loved it, so that was OK.

(Just ran into an irritation, but it has to do with the WordPress app, I think–it’s not letting me select anything between the whole post and a single word.  It will select one or the other, but if I try to modify the selection to include less, or more, it just pops back to a single word.  Annoying, but not catastrophic.)

The first day, we drove down to Gold Beach–they had some things they needed to buy, and we wanted some beach time.   Continue Reading »

Cat exploration 

A few months ago, Shadow figured out how to climb up on the sunroom and thence to my bedroom window.  He was very sure I should open the window for him, but it’s screened, so he was out of luck.  He’s been persistent enough that I’ve contemplated putting a cat door in the window, but haven’t had the initiative to get it done.

Then this morning he took it a step further: Continue Reading »

A few pics

Lovely time of year. That it’s a month early and that should concern us all I shall say no more about. Here are a few pics from my back yard. 

First, what a difference a little sun makes. This rose. . . 

. .  has never put out more than a couple blossoms before.  Several times I’ve considered taking it out. But it now has several blossoms and a bunch more buds, thanks to the neighbors removing a couple of trees. The rose gets to stay, and I’m thrilled. It even smells like a rose, which is hard to find these days. So much for Shakespeare. 

This is not so happy a story.  

It’s a peony planted last summer, one of two. Neither bloomed last year. One is doing pretty well, several buds on it. This poor thing has put up shoots a couple of times now, only to be eaten by . . . something or other.  Could be rodents, could be deer, heck it could be CJ or the cats. Why this one is getting eaten and the other not I have no idea. 

The other rhodies are mostly done, but this red beauty . . .

. . . comes on later than the others and is only now starting to fade.  Cameras all seem to have a hard time doing justice to red, but the above may give some idea of what it’s like. Seems to me it’s much more lush this year than it was last year. 

Finally, here’s a shot of Phantom on the freshly mowed lawn, exemplifying the truism that any scene is made more picturesque with a cat in it. 

Experimental trip

Experimental in two ways: 1) left the cats home by themselves overnight for the first time ever, and 2) wanted to see how my inflatable kayak and I would do in a stream with a significant current. No rapids or white water, just current.

Reporting on 1: cats seem fine. Left them lots of food (6 bowls in three locations); they seem to have eaten from all of them but not a lot from any one of them.  Phantom came to greet me when I got home; Shadow woke from his nap but left it for me to come greet him.

Since I left the cat door open, I assume they made a night of it, but will of course never know for sure. As long as they fall right back into the routine of allowing me to fetch them in each evening, I’ll count this as a 100% success.

Reporting on 2:  Monday afternoon drove down to Quosatana campground on the Rogue river with just CJ. In addition to regular camp setup, inflated the kayak so I would be ahead of the game in the morning. Which could have been a mistake, but oh well.

The goal: get upstream around the bend on the left to see what’s there. Picture taken Monday with beautiful sun.

Given the current, I was not confident, but I had a strategy: hug the right bank a ways then paddle across to the left bank and hug that bank to get around the bend, on the  (partially correct) assumption that the current would be less near the banks. Continue Reading »


Let’s hear it for Dremel cutoff discs and sledgehammers.  A powerful combination.

The only problem was access– Continue Reading »