About a week ago the miniblind in my bedroom fell–for the third or fourth time.  I was going to replace it, even bought a new one, but was in the middle of several other projects at the time, so just stuck a length of blackout material (I have tons left from my aborted experiment with a cat skirt for the van) over the window to shut out the very bright streetlight and left it at that.

Thereby discovering how nice it was to have more of the light blocked out of the room at night.  And also how much I missed the view out the window, and the natural light coming in, during the day.

Solution: curtains, backed by blackout cloth.

Done.  View:




And light blockage:


The curtains are nicer than I thought they would be–they’re just cheapies from Freddie’s.  I think they’ll be more effective at keeping out heat from the afternoon summer sun, too.  Win all round.

If I can keep the cats off them . . . .

My new toy

I am now the proud (?) possessor of a new etrike–an adult tricycle that I can pedal as usual, but is also powered by an electric motor and battery.  I’ve owned it (in all its component parts) for a few weeks, but I finally got up to Portland to the Ebike Store, who put it all together for me, to pick it up.

It’s been a process.  First, choosing all the component parts, which had to be bought via the internet, which means no see-touch-feel, which I hate–you don’t really know what you’re getting or if you’ll like it.  The battery is a whole thing unto itself–I went for more power and longevity, which means it’s big, which means finding a container for it and deciding where to mount it on the trike were both issues (and I may change it around yet).  And how to transport it with the van?

Anyway, here it is, just after unloading it at home. Continue Reading »

Good morning

One of the benefits of winter is that I occasionally get to watch a nice sunrise.





Happy New Year’s Eve, all!

Who knew?

Somehow, the cats have turned out different from how I expected.  In appearance, I mean.  See what you think. Continue Reading »

You all heard all about the Pineapple Express in California last week–if you have TV or radio, anyway.  But it made it up into the Northwest too, so I headed over to the coast to experience it up close and personal.  I’ve been wanting to be at the beach in a good storm, and figured this was my opportunity.

It was pretty cool, too, though I suspect other storms in the past few years have been better.   Continue Reading »

December hike

I will be telling you, down a ways, about something you will never do.  Not necessarily because you will never travel to this neck of the woods, but because you are smarter than me. Continue Reading »


Back when the cats were kittens, shortly after I got them, my friend Cathy dropped by and Phantom (Attilla the Cute at the time) was enthralled with her.  Shadow, not so much.  Since Phantom is into catnip, and Shadow isn’t, and Cathy had been weeding her basil (I think it was), we thought maybe that explained the phenomenon.

But a few weeks later, she dropped in again, also having been messing with herbs, and –nothing.  
No special interest from either cat, so we figured that whatever it had been, Phantom had grown out of it.

And then last night, she came by for the first time in a month or so, and this time both cats were seriously into her.  Phantom was more enthralled than ever, especially with her pants, and even Shadow got into the act.  (These aren’t the best shots–the phone was not focussing well).




<p><a href=”http://vimeo.com/111933077″>Cath-nip</a&gt; from <a href=”http://vimeo.com/user33545867″>Jean Mitchell</a> on <a href=”https://vimeo.com”>Vimeo</a&gt;.</p>

No explanation for this.  She hadn’t been into the herbs, not cooking, doesn’t use fabric softener that might smell good to cats–we could come up with nothing.

Me, I think it must be Cathy herself.  I offer you– Cath-nip.



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