Experimental trip

Experimental in two ways: 1) left the cats home by themselves overnight for the first time ever, and 2) wanted to see how my inflatable kayak and I would do in a stream with a significant current. No rapids or white water, just current.

Reporting on 1: cats seem fine. Left them lots of food (6 bowls in three locations); they seem to have eaten from all of them but not a lot from any one of them.  Phantom came to greet me when I got home; Shadow woke from his nap but left it for me to come greet him.

Since I left the cat door open, I assume they made a night of it, but will of course never know for sure. As long as they fall right back into the routine of allowing me to fetch them in each evening, I’ll count this as a 100% success.

Reporting on 2:  Monday afternoon drove down to Quosatana campground on the Rogue river with just CJ. In addition to regular camp setup, inflated the kayak so I would be ahead of the game in the morning. Which could have been a mistake, but oh well.

The goal: get upstream around the bend on the left to see what’s there. Picture taken Monday with beautiful sun.

Given the current, I was not confident, but I had a strategy: hug the right bank a ways then paddle across to the left bank and hug that bank to get around the bend, on the  (partially correct) assumption that the current would be less near the banks. Continue Reading »


Let’s hear it for Dremel cutoff discs and sledgehammers.  A powerful combination.

The only problem was access– Continue Reading »

Which is desirable for a couple of reasons: 1) the next house renovation includes putting a new roof on the garage, and 2) I’m giving (or lending–we need to talk about that) the trailer to my niece and family and so it needs to be operational. Getting it that way can’t happen in the garage.

Step 1) Change a tire that has been flat literally for years. Continue Reading »

My etrike stopped working last fall, and eventually got the diagnosis that it needed a new controller. Which was backordered, but it eventually came and I eventually got it on an all connections clicked together properly. I rolled it out, turned on the switch, happy to see the battery was still fully charged, and turned the throttle–nothing. Checked connections–still nothing. Tried everything I could think of–more nothing.  It’s been that way for a couple of weeks now.  Every few days I’d go back down, switch it on, try something else, check the throttle–nothing.
So this morning, I go down with a multimeter intending to see if current was getting to the motor. Stick the leads into the relevant cable, switch on the controller, check the meter, didn’t understand the results–0 amps, 0 volts, lotsa ohms, as near as I could gather. Sigh, grump, pull the leads out of the cable, go to move it, inadvertently twist the throttle–and feel a response.
Yep, trike is back.  Pulled me up the driveway like a champ.  CJ is agitating to go for a run.  We’re in for some sunny days, so she may get her wish soon.  But I think I’ll take it out on my own first, just to make sure I haven’t forgotten how to ride it–it’s been over three months.
But seriously folks, why would sticking a couple of probes into a cable induce it to start functioning again when all else had failed?

We’re wet here

Not as wet as further north, or as I gather parts of England are, but wetter than the past couple of years.

This is the entry to the little county park where I often walk CJ.  It always floods in wet years, but this is the highest I’ve ever seen the water there. 

Here’s a little different perspective that shows how high the water is on the sign. Continue Reading »

Winter project 

Decided it might be a good time to paint the other built-in in my dining room.   I mean, should be quick and easy, right?  

Until I got it emptied out and got a closer look.  The back had been wallpapered, then painted. 

 It’s all coming back to me now, why the first one took so long.  
So I started scraping.    
And this morning finished. 

 This is of course only the beginning. Still lots to do before the painting can happen, of course. Prep is always the worst part of a painting project. 

The wedding

It was Saturday, but I want to post these pics anyway.  I have excuses for the delay–Sunday I drove all day, mostly in the rain, to get home; Monday I took the day off to recover; and yesterday I tried to post but WordPress was not cooperating in the uploading of pictures.  Anyway.  Sound and flash were off for all pictures so I was minimally intrusive during the ceremony.

It was lovely. Continue Reading »


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