At the take-off point

I’ll sleep somewhere in Canada tonight.  Just where remains to be figured out.

The past few days have been intensely (for me) social Continue Reading »

Officially a good day

My third day out on my second big trip.  It’s been a good day.  Took my inflatable kayak out a couple of times, and now have it back in the van–all without unloading the trike.  Nice to know that can be done–in fact it was easier than I expected.  Had a couple of good conversations with other campers, one of the pleasures of camping, really.  Took CJ for a decent walk, and am now enjoying wine before supper. Which shall be PBJ–easy. Had salmon for lunch.

Doing this post on my phone, which is new for me–hence the telegraphic nature of the prose. So let’s see if I can include a picture.


Yep, that worked, so here’s another.  That white dot is my rig seen from across the little lake where we’re camped


Maiden voyage

So Yesterday my new inflatable kayak came (In the gray bag on the sidewalk):


So today I took it down to the river to try it out.   Continue Reading »


To preface: I do not like hot weather, and by “hot”, I mean anything mid-eighties (F) and up.  I have been spoiled/blessed for the past 17 years to live near enough to the ocean that temperature extremes, hot or cold, are unusual.  But we just emerged from a (blessedly short) hot spell (temps in the low 90s where I am; hit 110º 30 miles further inland).  Yesterday our more usual summer weather returned, inspiring this.  No literary critiques, please.


Don’t give me your cloudless days,                                                                                                                   the sun beating down relentlessly, the sky bright blue in every direction,                                                   hurting your eyes when you gaze up.  Where’s the shade?

Don’t give me your flat gray days,                                                                                                                clouds from horizon to horizon, drizzling rain or just sitting there,                                                                     no sun in sight.

Give me your partly cloudy days, puffy clouds, wispy clouds,                                                        thunderclouds, high clouds or low,                                                                                                             moving stately across the sky.

Give me your sprightly days,                                                                                                                           your “fog in the morning, sun in the afternoon” days,                                                                                     your beautiful sunrise/sunset days, restful to the eyes.

Those are the days I like.

(Ha!  That’s not the formatting I gave it, but WordPress won’t let me control paragraphing the way I would prefer, so I’m just going to leave it.  Looks more officially poetic, right? :-)  )

Meet my latest self-indulgence.  Got it essentially for the price of just the pot, and I couldn’t resist.



The first rose blossom of the year.  I had no idea I had a lavender rose.  AND it smells just as a lavender rose should smell.  Hard to find a rose that smells like a rose in nurseries these days.  So much for Shakespeare. Continue Reading »


Is occurring (as of taking the photo above (and below). . .



And plenty more is planned.   Continue Reading »

Decided to stop using numbers on these; I’m losing track.

Took this a bit over a year ago.  Reminds me of a face.



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