Or two.

My iPhone for some time–lots of time– has given me fits over the battery not holding a charge and exhibited other irrational battery behavior.  And for the past few months has split out of its case just a bit.  So, since I was passing through Portland, which has the only Apple store in the state, I decided to stop in.  Which a) was a really good decision, and b) led to much technofrustration over the past 36 hours or so.

Add in that the past couple of days have been the hottest of the year so far around here.  And hopefully the hottest I’ll experience on the trip until returning in August. 

Making the story shorter than the experience, as soon as I walked in and showed the phone, they said “swollen battery” gave me an appointment and ultimately decided to replace the phone even though warranty periods were over.  My niece’s significant other and resident tech expert pointed out this was perhaps because a swollen battery can ignite on fire and maybe liability concerns may have had something to do with their decision to be generous. Nonetheless, I now have a new phone.  Which has been a mixed blessing, but in the end a good thing.  

As a consequence, I have now succumbed to paying for enough iCloud storage to back up the phone.  It was that, or lose all my photos.  And spent HOURS trying to restore that backup to the new phone, then trying and finally succeeding in updating the ios on the new phone, then more hours restoring from the saved backup, THEN discovering my purchased apps wouldn’t download, then . .  Well, you get the picture.  Ultimately returned to the apple store, where the wifi was up to the task, and got a screen protector while I was there.

On the way back, a family passed me, kids waving vigorously at me.  I cheerfully waved back, then realized they were trying to get my attention that something was amiss at the back of my van.  Oops, no bike handles visible through the back windows. Pulled over at a handy exit; the bike was, happily, still there, but lying on its side.  The part that grips the frame had (my fault) come loose, so only the straps that hold the wheels were keeping it on the rack.  No harm done, but am now using the rack more as intended.

Still don’t have all the content on the phone that I’d like, but do have a phone that probably won’t set me on fire and will function for the trip.  And an intact bike.  So all is well.  But it’s been a day (or two).

North to Alaska #1a

The first bike ride/run was so successful that we did it again after supper, and then again this morning. No pictures from last night, but this morning I brought the iPad, and for pics and to see if there’d be enough cell to post, and sure enought!  So I’m sitting here at a picnic table by the lake, listening to the birds and (lest it sound too idyllic) the traffic, posting.

A few pictures from along the ride.  I thought CJ might wander off when I dropped the leash, but she just stood as you see, waiting eagerly for me to get back on the bike.

Here’s the dam that creates the lake.

And here’s one looking back the way we came

And one looking across the lake.

(I must say, WordPress has made this easy enough to do now that i may actually manage to continue blogging the rest of the trip, unlike last year when I quit after just a few.)

North to Alaska #1

Very successful first day of an eighty-something day trip to Alaska.  Planned mostly short driving days, so here I am, just past five o’clock, all set up in a lovely shady spot, sipping my wine.  Mostly for Cj, did s short stop at the covered bridge rest area something like 25 miles from home.

Made it to Eugene around two, and spent some frustrating time shopping for a bike cover (apparently stores don’t much stock them anymore, you’re supposed to buy them online) and ThermaCell mosquito repellant, which was recommended to me by my friendly bank teller.  Finally found that, but am still in the market for a bike cover.

Then came on out to a Lane County campground that I really like, and as I expected/hoped, while it’s completely booked for the weekend, there were plenty of spots just for tonight.  

AND there are bike successes to report!  First, once i picked my spot, I usd the bike to ride over to pay for it, saving me the walk.  Snd second–and much more exciting–CJ and I did a successful ride/ru together!  Made possible by this leash

Which came just yesterday, so this was its trial run.  What makes it work is that it fits over my hand, so the thumb is still free to switch gears if needed, and fingers reach the brake.  So far so good.  Test still remaining–what happens when she spots a cat or squirrel.
Altogether–a good day.  (But I still don’t know what I’ve forgotten “. Won’t rest easy until that surfacesūüėÄ)  

Days 5-7

Day 5: ¬†Most of this day was spent driving through the mountains, stopping often just to look and take pictures. ¬†It was soothing to my soul–moountains do something for me that no other landscape–or seascape–does, however beautiful it may be. ¬†Especially the high Rockies. Continue Reading »

Trip inauguration 

Four days on the road so far. ¬†This trip will be about ten weeks, if it goes according to my rather vague plans. ¬†Which are subject to change–indeed, have changed already.

Continue Reading »

This is a bit of a trial run to see how my new technology (new iPad, Logitech external keyboard) is going to work for blogging. ¬†In two weeks I’m headed out into my longest roadtrip since the spring of 2014, and I’m hoping the combination will work for posting from the road.

But–the content is actually from a couple of weeks ago, when I met one of my sisters and her husband for three nights of camping. ¬†I was frankly mildly nervous, because I had recommended the campground and I wasn’t sure if it would meet their standards, but as it turned out they loved it, so that was OK.

(Just ran into an irritation, but it has to do with the WordPress app, I think–it’s not letting me select anything between the whole post and a single word. ¬†It will select one or the other, but if I try to modify the selection to include less, or more, it just pops back to a single word. ¬†Annoying, but not catastrophic.)

The first day, we drove down to Gold Beach–they had some things they needed to buy, and we wanted some beach time. ¬† Continue Reading »

Cat exploration 

A few months ago, Shadow figured out how to climb up on the sunroom and thence to my bedroom window. ¬†He was very sure I should open the window for him, but it’s screened, so he was out of luck. ¬†He’s been persistent enough that I’ve contemplated putting a cat door in the window, but haven’t had the initiative to get it done.

Then this morning he took it a step further: Continue Reading »