CJ update 2/14/19

I’m posting this for my future self, so I’ll have a record of this process. Happy for others to read it, but it’s not going to be particularly interesting to anyone who doesn’t know us. And if you follow me on FB, you might want to scroll down to the end–everything else has been on FB as it was happening.

While petting CJ Sunday evening Dec 16, I noticed a swelling at the base of her tail. I assumed it was an abscess.

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Every time I do a trip in the van–now 78,000 miles and five years worth of travel and camping–I figure out some new clever-to-me way of coping with something. That I’m still doing this, as recently as yesterday, makes me wonder–is this a good example of life-long learning, a brain that remains active and creative, or am I just really, really slow?

I remember similar thoughts about my job the last few years I taught. It’s a bit embarrassing, some of the basic things I came to understand and got a handle on in the last 3-5 years. Ah well, water under the bridge at this point.

Kold weather kayaking

Not all that cold, actually, but cold enough—high 40s-low 50s F.

Had signed up for a group kayak tour in the South Slough, but a storm literally blew in yesterday and downed some trees over there, so they canceled it.  Since my boat and gear were all loaded up, and the tides were right this morning, I decided to try the bit of river from Myrtle Point to Arago at high water.  Occupied my time from about 10 a.m. to 2:30 p.m., with about an hour and a quarter of that being the paddle 😄😄.  But almost an hour of that was lunch in Myrtle Point, so it’s not as bad as it might seem.

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Looky, looky! Door is closed and latched.

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On a lazy day.

(Wasn’t going to post, but couldn’t resist the alliteration. No more today though, the picture took 2-3 minutes to upload.)


Wasn’t planning to blog anything this go-round, but discovered this across the street from last night’s campground in Roseburg, so here it is.

It’s an display garden done by OSU Extension Master Gardeners. Very well done. It’s fairly extensive, with smaller areas dedicated to different types of gardens or different gardening techniques and lots of educational signs. The following are a sample of what’s there. With a couple of plants maybe someone will ID for me. I’ll number those pictures to facilitate communication.

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Loon Lake

Several years ago, back when the cats were kittens, I detoured past Loon Lake on my way to somewhere else, and discovered this very nice BLM campground and recreation area that, unfortunately for me, is closed between Labor Day and Memorial Day weekends.  The lake is very pretty, and practically begs one to get out on it for a paddle.


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