Meet my latest self-indulgence.  Got it essentially for the price of just the pot, and I couldn’t resist.



The first rose blossom of the year.  I had no idea I had a lavender rose.  AND it smells just as a lavender rose should smell.  Hard to find a rose that smells like a rose in nurseries these days.  So much for Shakespeare. Continue Reading »


Is occurring (as of taking the photo above (and below). . .



And plenty more is planned.   Continue Reading »

Decided to stop using numbers on these; I’m losing track.

Took this a bit over a year ago.  Reminds me of a face.


Photo a day 4


Both cats actually like having their tummy petted.  This one purred while I combed and petted.  Calmest cats I’ve ever had.

First the photo of the day:


Who could resist that face:  “See what I have?  See?  See?”  I couldn’t.  I threw it for her.

Now more rhodies.   Continue Reading »

Photo a day 2

Every camera I’ve owned has a terrible time taking close-ups of flowers, including the one in the new phone.  Either they won’t focus on the bloom, insisting on focusing on whatever dark color is available (leaves, ground), or don’t capture anything close to the true color (especially red), or both.

Anyway, after many attempts and some editing, here are a couple of decent ones of my rhodies that are currently blooming their hearts out.




Sunny day today and expected to be hot later, so time to go do some yard work.


Photo a day 1

There are half a dozen or more blog posts I’d really like to do, but they will each take an hour or more of work, so I end up doing none of them.  So I’ve decided that for a time, I’ll post a picture a day (inspired in part by retireediary, a real photographer, whose pictures I’ve been enjoying very much).

Here’s yesterday’s picture (heh–cheating already):


And here’s todays:


Took that one out at the coast (duh) while on the latest camping-with-cats expedition, one of the posts I’m not writing.

We’ll see how long I keep this up.


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