Hopeful metaphor

For us liberals.

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I’ve now recovered, but at the end of May my friend Jane from Canada visited, and while I thought I was doing quite well while she was here, once I dropped her off in Eugene and got back home, I collapsed into slug mode for three days, and then gradually recovered. And only today realized “Hm-m, I did no blogging of any of that. I will regret that in coming years. I have pictures. Let me rectify that situation forthwith.” [Later addendum: it ended up not being forthwith, but at least is now done.]

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OMG! Scampers indeed

Having our second heat wave this year, so got ready to head to the beach.  Decided to take the bike so I could ride down around the point at Seven Devils.  Also wanted to see if Scamp could keep up and maybe learn to run with the bike as CJ did.

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This was a week ago; I wanted to get it up right after I got home, but of course didn’t, and then it felt like it was history so not worth blogging, but I’ve been enjoying reading posts from years ago, so for the sake of my future self, I’m going to do this anyway.

Got out last week for two nights in a row, and it was very successful. I’m now not only hopeful, but confident, that somehow this camping with Scamp and cats is going to work out.

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Dream note

Dreamed about CJ last night. Much of it I don’t remember, though I think we were taking a walk somewhere, and I remember being able to touch and pet her. The part that was more clear was the bear. There was a structure of some kind between me and the bear, and I was trying to be still so the bear wouldn’t notice or attack me. CJ was near me at first, but then went over to the bear. I tried to call her back, quietly but urgently, but she ignored me. They nosed each other, then began to play. They continued playing for some time, the bear being careful not to hurt CJ, both seeming to be having fun, with me being increasingly incredulous that they would go on playing this way without it tipping over into a fight. It was probably that incredulity that woke me up; I’ve noticed before that when my reality checker gets turned on in a dream, it’ll wake me up.

No interpretation. There are some obvious ones, but I’ll just leave it here for my future self to look back on.

Beach with Scamp

Anyone want to take any bets on how long it will be before I do a post that isn’t mostly about her? Not me.

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Puppy milestone

Of sorts.

Today marks the official “it’s ok to meet other dogs and stop worrying about where we walk”day. Since the weather is also spectacularly nice, I decided to combine a celebratory walk at our in-town popular dog walking area with another experience with the trike. Continue Reading »