SWS—Forest ride-run

Started the morning ride-run

with the vague goal of crossing the gate blocking off the road into the North Rim and riding a mile or two in from there. That didn’t work out. Continue Reading »

SWS—more catch-up

With my future self in mind.

Here are some pictures I neglected to include in the previous post. It seems preferable to give them their own post rather than editing that one, which is already long enough.

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I’ve noticed this before about blogging a trip–skip one day, and it begins to seem too much to catch up, and a bit pointless. But I also know I do like reading back over previous trips–and Facebook doesn’t really cut it for this purpose–so I’m going to make an effort to catch up here. In an abbreviated form.

The drive across California from Lakehead was beautiful, and cold and snowy. Continue Reading »

SWS posting hiatus?

It’s possible that all my campsites for the next several days will be outside cell service. Or not, since I may make last-minute decisions about where to stop.

My sleeping arrangements for the cats seem to be working well. According to little thermometers, it was 33 degrees F outside last night, and 55 degrees in Phantom’s crate. Which is emboldening me to do some less-civilized camping, without electricity, even though nights may be cold.

This was a very good stop. In spite of the poison oak. I was concerned I might get some exposure from the critters, but so far so good. Could still happen, but my sensitivity appears to still be fairly low from all that time walking dogs around the old Fort Ord land.

Anyway, slept well, critters, including cats, got outdoor time, morning light is beautiful, and cold and dry is more comfortable than cold and wet. Here are a couple of pictures from the morning walk. First, a bit of mist rising from across the lake.

Second, morning light on manzanita.

SWS Day 2

My location (the blue dot):

Have stopped about 50 miles sooner than planned. It will add only about 30 miles to tomorrow’s drive, via a different road heading east across the Sierras.

On a whim, I decided to come see if the Antlers campground is open, the one run by the Forest Service, and it is, one loop anyway. Continue Reading »

Southwest swing day 1

One the road again, heading in a leisurely way toward the Navajo Reservation where I taught lo these many, many years ago. First stop, Valley of the Rogue State Park, only a few hours from home. It’s become a standard stop for me, with this site beginning to feel like mine–it’s been my spot the last several stops. Surrounded by other people, but close to restroom.

Fifteen minutes after arriving, I was registered, set up, and sipping tea.

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But first, here’s a picture from our little park. How many times have I walked past this and never noticed it before?

Do you see what I see?*

Anyway, back to the river run.

The guy who mows my lawn is also into little boats (among other things), and we ran into each other out at the pond a few days back. After chatting, we decided to cooperate on some kayaking, and this morning did our first run, one I’ve wanted to do for a long time now, from here in town down to the boat ramp in the next town down. The highway between there and here is not something I want to risk my life biking, so having two vehicles made this work. We left the boats here in town, then dropped his pickup at the downriver boat ramp and returned to put in. It was probably close to 9:00 this morning–when we put in. I paused to get out devices to record the start: Continue Reading »