First, few things not included in previous posts.

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Jane arranged a Saturday tour for the four of us with a woman, Victoria, who used to be the art teacher at Rough Rock (after my time.) She grew up in and around the canyon; her father used to run tours, and she basically inherited the business and horses and I think some land from him. So we got both stories and information about the history and prehistory of the canyon, and some stories about herself and people she knew who live(d) in the canyon. The mix, and the relationship between Jane and Victoria, made the tour special for us. Continue Reading »

I’m at least two if not three posts behind for Saturday and Sunday; today is Monday, April 30.

Found a lovely spot among trees in a Forest Service CG . . .

Near a nice clean vault toilet. . .

Which is barely visible from my vantage point.

In fact, from my lounging spot, not visible at all.

At Devil’s Canyon, less than ten miles from Blanding, $5 with my senior pass. Given semi-decent cell service, it’s just about perfect. So far no close neighbor, but it’s early yet.

There’s a South Rim drive too, but we were too tired when we got back from the North Rim drive to do it.

Doing the drive with Pat and Bill seriously enhanced my own experience, because of the pleasure I got from seeing their pleasure and hearing their “Oh, wow!”s. It’s the first time they’ve been here, and I don’t think they quite knew what they were in for, which made it even better.

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Just a quickie.

The drive down from the Kaibab and past the Vermillion Cliffs is beautiful. The hour or two before sunset is probably the best time to do it, because the Vermillion Cliffs really live up to their name then. Continue Reading »

SWS—Forest ride-run

Started the morning ride-run

with the vague goal of crossing the gate blocking off the road into the North Rim and riding a mile or two in from there. That didn’t work out. Continue Reading »

SWS—more catch-up

With my future self in mind.

Here are some pictures I neglected to include in the previous post. It seems preferable to give them their own post rather than editing that one, which is already long enough.

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