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Not as wet as further north, or as I gather parts of England are, but wetter than the past couple of years.

This is the entry to the little county park where I often walk CJ.  It always floods in wet years, but this is the highest I’ve ever seen the water there. 

Here’s a little different perspective that shows how high the water is on the sign. (more…)

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Overall, it’s going well.  I think.  The kittens stay in the van every night, and clearly regard it as home.  They have learned (mostly) to stay out of the front area when we’re on the road (every now and then, perhaps once/trip/kitten) they need a reminder: being grabbed by me and tossed onto the bed in back.  Thus I was able to take down the big kennel/crate, which I had put in mainly to contain them while driving.  This has made the interior of the van feel much less crowded and improved visibility to the rear.

Another point of progress is I don’t have to take them out as often.  They seem just fine even when it’s been up to a week since we went out.  This is a very good thing, because it means I can get other things done with my life.

The big new focus is leash training.  Well, leash accustomization; “training” is not really the right term, because I don’t do rewards.  We’ve had two go-rounds of it so far.  Pictures from the first round are absent–managing two kittens, each on a leash, is hard enough, without also taking pictures.  You’ve heard of herding cats? Yeah.  Well. (more…)

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Just for fun

Went into the high-class used stuff store in town a few days ago, mostly to look around but also in case they might have a chair I would want for the sun room.  (They might, but it’s stashed away behind a bunch of other stuff.  I have to go back Tuesday to see it–if they have it out by then.)  The proprietor, who is a very nice woman, showed me around the store and then let me browse undisturbed to my heart’s content.

But–the reason this is worth a post is that she was all excited about these two bunnies.  Can you guess why?  It’s subtle–I didn’t see it until she pointed it out.







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I’ve had a good weekend.  Starting with Friday, really. (more…)

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iTunes score

I discovered this morning that Buffy Sainte-Marie has a new album out. Well, new to me–it came out in 2009, but was her first new album in 17 years. Running for the Drum.

You young whippersnappers probably never heard of her, and even some old whippersnappers probably missed out back when, but she was one of my favorites during my coming of age years. She’s not everyone’s favorite flavor, but if you don’t know her, I recommend you check her out, on iTunes or here**. (more…)

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I was going to hold off updating here until things were actually settled, one way or another, but find I want to “talk” about it now.

It’s been a bumpy road, to say the least. (more…)

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So yesterday the G3 ipads came out, available at 5:00pm, and by 5:30 I had mine and was headed home. Now I just have to get used to a whole bunch of new conventions. I’m beginning to get used to the on-screen keyboard, though it’s a bit weird having to switch back and forth between the ABC and the numeric screens. But I’ve run into a few things that I’m wondering about.

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iPad Lust II

With a certain amount of fear and trembling, I put 50% down on an iPad yesterday. The G3 is supposed to come out this Friday at 5:00, but since I’m going through a retailer, not an Apple store, they may not get theirs until Saturday or even Monday. It’ll still be quicker than pre-ordering online, though–those won’t ship until May 7 now.

The fear and trembling comes from the fact that you need a newer computer than the faithful iBook upon which I am typing this to work with the iPad. (more…)

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iPad Lust

Yes, I’m lusting after an iPad (and hereafter in this post, I shall not be capitalizing the P. My fingers can barely coordinate these days to capitalize the first letter of a sentence, let alone the second letter in a word in the middle of a sentence.)

So far I have resisted, (more…)

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There are at least three good, solid posts I want to get done, but found this on Nickelbee Notes, and decided this would be more fun. And it’s easy.

If you want to spread the meme, copy, paste, and bold the things you’ve actually done yourself. Adding notes optional.

1. Started your own blog (duh) (more…)

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I’ve run across a couple of sites I strongly encourage everyone to go check out. Each is beautiful, in a different way.

This one has some amazing photography set to music. My excuse for tagging this with “spiritual”.

This is the site of an artist, Peter Callesen. I recommend clicking on “A4 papercut” and browsing slowly. Not only is his stuff amazing and incredible and beautiful, I can’t even imagine how he does it. I mean, what kind of fine-motor skills would it take? Superhuman, if you ask me.

Go! Go! Click away from here!

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Somehow, I was wiped out after a mere two days of contemplating materials submitted by teachers for evaluation of their readiness for a credential. California has recently mandated that every new teacher in the state must (wait for it)–pass a test. Or I should say, pass another test. (more…)

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