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Photo a day 1

There are half a dozen or more blog posts I’d really like to do, but they will each take an hour or more of work, so I end up doing none of them.  So I’ve decided that for a time, I’ll post a picture a day (inspired in part by retireediary, a real photographer, whose pictures I’ve been enjoying very much).

Here’s yesterday’s picture (heh–cheating already):


And here’s todays:


Took that one out at the coast (duh) while on the latest camping-with-cats expedition, one of the posts I’m not writing.

We’ll see how long I keep this up.

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Mika’s abrupt demise, and the cold I caught immediately after, threw me into a bit of a tailspin as far as blogging is concerned. There were all kinds of things I had intended to write about, but the change in my interior psyche brought that to a sudden halt. I’ve been wanting to get the blog going again, but I can’t go back and write about all the things I had originally intended, so I’ve decided just to jump to the present and write about today’s morning walk.


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I really only blogged regularly for a couple of years, and since then have posted only a few times a year.  What has amazed me is that my stats have not dropped to zero in all the years that I have hardly posted at all.  What has happened instead is there is a regular, very small trickle of visitors.  What amazes me more–and the two facts are related–is the variety of countries represented among those who do find their way to my site.   (more…)

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I was actually going to just post photos on FB, but FB has apparently revised how one does that, and I didn’t understand the old way all that well, and this time once I got into the process  they just abandoned me there–no way forward, no way back, that I could figure out.  So I closed the page, and here I am.

I got into reading my old blog posts a few weeks back, and that convinced me I want to continue blogging–it was a nice way to reminisce.  I’ve been mulling over different things I could write about–blogging, for instance, or the in-between state of being almost-retired, and maybe soon I will do one of those.  But for now, I just want to post my pics and talk about them. (more…)

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I hope, anyway. Thought I’d get out today, but yesterday’s half-day project turned into an all-day deal (kluging together a drip irrigation system for the bushes in the back yard). And today’s half-day project (screens for the car windows) not only turned into an all-day deal, but my first attempt didn’t work, so I have to re-do it. Bummer. I can’t bear the idea of being out in the desert with a choice between sleeping with the windows closed, or sleeping with mosquitos, so I WILL re-do them, or at least enough to get going. I’d tell the full story of my stupidity, but I’m too tired.

I do not intend to entirely abandon blogging for the duration, but it will be sporadic. I’m hoping to hit some wifi spots along the way and post from there. We’ll see–I’ve never tried this before, and I have a low tolerance for techno-frustration, but I’m cautiously optimistic. I’m taking both computer and camera, so I may have some pictures to post along the way.

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You Are a Visionary Soul

You are a curious person, (more…)

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I am so far behind on my work that I probably will post little or nothing for at least three more weeks. I have all kinds of things I’d like to be saying, and I’d really like to participate in the April Book binge, but I just can’t justify taking the time. This is our busiest time of year; every year I think “It can’t really be as bad as I remember,” and every year it’s worse than I anticipate. I’m still finding time to read and occasionally comment on others’ blogs, but just don’t have headspace to compose anything of my own.

So: back to the grindstone.

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I’m off for a few days of professional development. Still lacking in both time and functioning brain cells, I thought I might leave you with one of my favorite Celtic blessings. (more…)

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Just to keep the blog pegging along. Heh. (more…)

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I have hit that point in the semester where the need to pay attention to student work trumps all other demands. My long-suffering students have done their part; now I must do mine. So: no walks, little reading, no photography–and no blogging**, for several days.

I may put up a few quotes, just to feed the need, but without any commentary. If I see any worthy quotes.


**Which for me means minimal or no commenting on others’ blogs, as well. But I will be permitting myself lurking time, so my thanks in advance for those whom I read regularly and who will keep me entertained or interested over my hiatus.

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Book meme

This is one of those things traveling around the internet. I got it from MaryP. (She has it as a nice table; I can’t figure out how to do that. Drat.) Pass it on at will. (more…)

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New look

I’m going to try out this new layout for awhile and see how I like it. If anyone wants to leave me their opinion, I’ll welcome that too. I like that this one allows the extra line in the header (An experimental blog for an inquiring mind); the old layout (Dusk) doesn’t. However, the titles on the posts are less clear and bold, and I’m not sure I like that as well. I like the picture; I think I could replace it with my own, but this one is nice, so why go to all that work?

Anyway, I’ll live with this for a day or two and see how it feels. If it doesn’t gel well with my innards, I’ll go back to the old one.

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