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Which is desirable for a couple of reasons: 1) the next house renovation includes putting a new roof on the garage, and 2) I’m giving (or lending–we need to talk about that) the trailer to my niece and family and so it needs to be operational. Getting it that way can’t happen in the garage.

Step 1) Change a tire that has been flat literally for years. (more…)

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About a week ago the miniblind in my bedroom fell–for the third or fourth time.  I was going to replace it, even bought a new one, but was in the middle of several other projects at the time, so just stuck a length of blackout material (I have tons left from my aborted experiment with a cat skirt for the van) over the window to shut out the very bright streetlight and left it at that.

Thereby discovering how nice it was to have more of the light blocked out of the room at night.  And also how much I missed the view out the window, and the natural light coming in, during the day.

Solution: curtains, backed by blackout cloth.

Done.  View:




And light blockage:


The curtains are nicer than I thought they would be–they’re just cheapies from Freddie’s.  I think they’ll be more effective at keeping out heat from the afternoon summer sun, too.  Win all round.

If I can keep the cats off them . . . .

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Finally, a project actually completed (put a threshold between living room and sunroom floors).

Before . . .


And after. . .


A small project, in the sense of skill or creativity required, but not so much in terms of steps and time.

1. Trim excess curly vinyl from sunroom floor (did this before the “before”). (more…)

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How’s that for an uninspired title?  But it’s too much work to make this fit a theme, so “post for today” will have to do.

Having finished for now with the deck (though I’m worried that the treatment may be inadequate and if the level of worry gets high enough will be back at it soon), I’m moving on to house matters.  However, so far that has not extended to unpacking more boxes–I’m still sidling past boxes in kitchen and dining room that need to be dealt with in the relatively near term.

HOWEVER.  I’m arranging for big-ticket items–heat and electricity.   (more…)

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