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First the photo of the day:


Who could resist that face:  “See what I have?  See?  See?”  I couldn’t.  I threw it for her.

Now more rhodies.   (more…)

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So last night we had supper with childhood friends we hadn’t seen in 50 years (see, I’m getting used to it–no caps :-). The youngest (Midy) was an infant when we left town, and now lives next door to their mom. I tend to drop in on the mother whenever I go through Salmon, but the last few times I haven’t been able to find the lane into her property, but with directions provided by Heather and her husband, we found it and went to see her. (more…)

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Br’er Rabbit

The neighborhood jackrabbit showed up on the berm outside my back yard last night. CJ alerted me by barking at him, and I caught this picture–the best I’ve gotten of him: (more…)

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CJ and namesake

We encountered a coyote on our walk this morning. As you can see from this picture, CJ (Miss Coyote Jane) doesn’t look much like her namesake these days. (more…)

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Of two kinds.

Does anyone but me see a face here? (more…)

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Do not be deceived by the fact that these trees look just like dozens of other trees previously posted. They are, I can promise, BRAND NEW. To me, that is.

After more than ten years of walking dogs around here, this morning I managed to wander into some trails I hadn’t found before, and the photos posted below were all taken in the new territory.

I know they look like all the other tree pictures I post. I just can’t help myself. They always look new to me. (more…)

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I’ve run across a couple of sites I strongly encourage everyone to go check out. Each is beautiful, in a different way.

This one has some amazing photography set to music. My excuse for tagging this with “spiritual”.

This is the site of an artist, Peter Callesen. I recommend clicking on “A4 papercut” and browsing slowly. Not only is his stuff amazing and incredible and beautiful, I can’t even imagine how he does it. I mean, what kind of fine-motor skills would it take? Superhuman, if you ask me.

Go! Go! Click away from here!

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