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I’m off for a few days of professional development. Still lacking in both time and functioning brain cells, I thought I might leave you with one of my favorite Celtic blessings. (more…)

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Just to keep the blog pegging along. Heh. (more…)

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I have hit that point in the semester where the need to pay attention to student work trumps all other demands. My long-suffering students have done their part; now I must do mine. So: no walks, little reading, no photography–and no blogging**, for several days.

I may put up a few quotes, just to feed the need, but without any commentary. If I see any worthy quotes.


**Which for me means minimal or no commenting on others’ blogs, as well. But I will be permitting myself lurking time, so my thanks in advance for those whom I read regularly and who will keep me entertained or interested over my hiatus.

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Book meme

This is one of those things traveling around the internet. I got it from MaryP. (She has it as a nice table; I can’t figure out how to do that. Drat.) Pass it on at will. (more…)

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New look

I’m going to try out this new layout for awhile and see how I like it. If anyone wants to leave me their opinion, I’ll welcome that too. I like that this one allows the extra line in the header (An experimental blog for an inquiring mind); the old layout (Dusk) doesn’t. However, the titles on the posts are less clear and bold, and I’m not sure I like that as well. I like the picture; I think I could replace it with my own, but this one is nice, so why go to all that work?

Anyway, I’ll live with this for a day or two and see how it feels. If it doesn’t gel well with my innards, I’ll go back to the old one.

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